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Adams Morgan Church Hotel

In July 2011, Adams Morgan Church Hotel LLC submitted an application to the Zoning Commission to request permission to build a hotel in the Reed-Cooke Neighborhood.  According to the application, the Church of Christ Scientist located on the corner of Euclid Street and Champlain Street would be renovated and converted into function space for the hotel, and the warehouse on Champlain Street previously used by the Washington City Paper would be replaced with a new building containing the hotel rooms.

RCNA has for a long time taken the somewhat extraordinary step of supporting the concept of the hotel.  The decision was extraordinary because a significant portion of the property is subject to the zoning designation known as the Reed-Cooke Overlay, and “hotel” is one of the uses that is prohibited by the Overlay.  However, in this instance, our members were convinced that the potential for increasing job opportunities, promoting economic development, and preserving the Church building justified an exception.

Nevertheless, RCNA has consistently taken the position that the project needed to be smaller in order to fit better into the surrounding residential neighborhood.  The developers’ original proposal was for a nine story structure that substantially exceeded the applicable zoning for the site.  The District’s Office of Planning, members of the Zoning Commission, and members of the Historic Preservation Review Board have all gone on record with reports and statements that deeply supported RCNA’s position.

It has taken a significant amount of work, but we are pleased to announce that the developers have now entered into an agreement with RCNA to reduce the building to seven stories and to ask that the Zoning Commission place the entire project site within the Reed-Cooke Overlay.  The developers have also agreed with RCNA to make significant improvements to their transportation plan and to apply appropriate limitations on the use of the rooftop space to ensure that noise does not impact the nearby residences.  Finally, the developers have agreed with RCNA to provide substantial public benefits in the form of significant capital improvements to the grounds of the Marie Reed Elementary School.

Click to download RCNA/Adams Morgan Church Hotel LLC Agreement

We are happy to have played an integral role in re-shaping this project into something far more acceptable and beneficial for the community.


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